I Quit!

More specifically: I quit my job, to start my own business.

For the last couple of years, I spent a lot of time working on personal projects next to my day time job. I even decided to work four days instead of five to spend an extra day doing what I love: getting my hands dirty on stuff I came up with myself.

Because it still feels like I still have too little time and I want to focus on building my own products, I decided to quit my job. Which is a really big step for me.

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Using Flow instead of prop-types in React

One of the most used ways to check the “type” of a property which is passed to a React component is through prop-types. The main problem is that all the type checking is done on run-time, and not statically.

This article will explain how to go from type checking with prop-types to static type checking with Flow in React.

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Uploading files with superagent in the browser

Sending files in the browser using XHR can give the user a great experience. I like to use superagent for sending requests, it’s a great light-weight API which doesn’t require other third party libraries and works great when bundling with CommonJS.

Uploading files using a multipart requests in the browser is sadly not supported through their API at the moment, but it’s possible following a few short steps. I’ll explain how I got multipart uploading to work using superagent in the browser in this article.

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Explore and improve your development skills

My jobs have always been focused on the technologies and stacks I was used to. This is a safe and efficient way to get work done, but what I didn’t realise is that it only hold me back on learning different ways.

In this post I am sharing my findings of joining a company which uses a different approach to development, stacks and work flows than I was used to.

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Testing JavaScript using BrowserSync, Mocha and PhantomJS

It’s a good idea to test your JavaScript applications using a testing framework. It improves the integrity of your software and enables you to do Test Driven Development.

You can do your testing in Mocha, but you can also expand it a bit further with browser specific behaviour testing. This article is aimed to get you started with testing using BrowserSync, Mocha and PhantomJs.

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