What is Gaya Ninja Blog all about?

Gaya Ninja Blog is a weblog about web development written and managed by Gaya Kessler, a guy from a small town in the Netherlands.

Ever since I got the chance to get my hands dirty with web development I’ve been in love with it. Two years after I started to learn how to make websites I took a job as a web developer. Not much longer after that I started writing articles which ended up on my weblog.

##A weblog for web developers, by a web developer This blog is mainly for web developers who want to make the Internet a better place. I explain about solutions to problems which we as web developers might bump into. I try my best to share my knowledge with the world. This blog was brought to life so I could a place for my findings and write about it for my future self. After a while it got a bit of traffic and it started to get more popular, since then I’ve been writing articles for the web development crowd to read.

##Which subjects you can expect to find here? You’ll find that I talk about anything revolving around web development. HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, CSS, jQuery, Sass, Node.js and a lot of other subjects that I find interesting.

You can also find projects I’ve put online for you to use for free. I created a lot of jQuery plugins in the past which are free to use.

##Reach out to me You can find me on Twitter, where I tweet about web development and other stuff. You can also use my contact form to send me an email. I also have a website focused on my professional achievements at: http://gaya.ninja.